Thursday 11 February 2010

The 'S' word

Standing in the midst of The Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, I was wondering, is this the same country I live in? Is this the same India or Bharat or Hindustan? whatever you call it.

The same country where walls of ancient temples are carved with nude Gods and Godesses, where one can see cave paintings depicting humans indulging the sacred act of reproduction i.e SEX. Why has this 3 letter word wrecked such a havoc in this country?

In India where population goes around 1.2 billion, we can't even utter the 'S' word.

Is it the same place where the famous Kamasutra was written? where people so openly worship the Shivalingam (for those who don't know, Shivalingam represents the male and female reproductive organs). So why is it that a filmmaker has to struggle forever to get a kissing scene passed through the censor board? why does a painter gets thrashed for painting nudes?

Do we have any idea where all this hypocrisy leads to? A confused generation. Can't we just accept the fact that people have sex in our country, before marriage or after marriage and then educate the younger generation rather than keeping it under covers and letting them explore it on their own. Be it the right way or wrong way?


  1. U certainly got a point on that one, but the fact is we are living in a country which breeds on hypocrisy!!

  2. true....n the worst part is tht there's no end to it.

  3. heard somewhere - "we seem to be the only people who pride on being regressive" ... some element of truth, maybe!

  4. You, me and everyone who hates these regressions should shatter the shackles of hypocrisy through whatever medium possible.

    Instead of naming it S word, you should name it. SEX- THE word..!!!

    :) cheers nice post.

  5. @S..thanks for the do have a point...will consider that..:)



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