Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Festive Mumbai

Six years in Mumbai and I have developed a kind of love hate relationship with this city. There's a lot that I hate about it, the traffic, pollution, heat, noise, stress and a lot more. Despite all this I love being here during this time, the time when all the noise and traffic seems justified, the time when the roads turn into carnival streets, when there's light and joy everywhere, the time of festivities. Starting from the festival of dahi handi followed by Eid, rakshabandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Diwali and Christmas. This festive season of the city makes me forget all worries. This is one time when you go out on the streets and feel happy.
My favorite period is the 10 day Ganpati festival. Roaming on the streets and watching the most lovable Lord Ganesha fills me with great happiness. I am sure this happens with a lot of people. You might be stuck in the traffic, fuming but one glimpse of Ganpati calms you down. And when its time to bid farewell you are all ready for the next season. Some people might even shed a tear or two.
I have been bringing Ganpati to my house since past 3 years. But this year I regret not being able to welcome him due to some reasons. So now, when its time to say goodbye i would like to say, "Ganpati, please come to my home next year." PURCHA VARSHI LAUKARYA!


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