Thursday 11 February 2010

The lost stardom

So, there i was, about to fall into that deep deep slumber and the phone rang. I picked it up thinking that since it has disturbed me it should be at least worth it, may be its a call from Vividh Bharati for the training schedule.(was expecting a call from them) But it was someone I wouldn't have thought of in my wildest of dreams. A call from, lets call him 'Mr. Filmy'.

Me: Hello.....
Mr.Filmy: Hi, is it Shirin Mehrotra? (with a heavy and totally FAKE US accent)
Me: Yes....
Mr.F: This is Mr. Filmy from so and so media agency. How are you?
Me: I am good (yea rite...thanks for waking me up u lil...!@#$)
Mr.F: Shirin, are you an RJ?
Me: Yes, I am under training with Vividh Bharati. (wow...could it be a job offer for radio jockeying?)Mr.F: Shirin, do you want to mold your career to be an RJ do you wanna be an actor? (aha...sounds like a hot chick,lets show her some starry dreams)
Me: Sorry?
Mr.F: What are your goals in life?
Me: I am an animator and graphics designer.
Mr.F.: Don't you wanna be an actor?(omg,not one to be trapped easily,ill have to try harder...)
(the fake accent kept getting annoying)
Me: NO (what the !@#$ ???)
Mr.F: Why? acting can give you fame and money. (c'mon why arent u falling for this one??i was told chicks would fall head over heels for this)
Me: But that needs struggle,n im very lazy (back off dude...i mean it !!)
Mr.F: Not these days. If you know the current trends of bollywood you can be a star in a very short time. (am i smart or am I smart?)Me: (So here comes the eternal gyan 'Trends of Bollywood') But i am not interested in 'Bollywood and stardom' (even i threw an accent this time)
Mr. F: But why? are you scared of struggle and meeting a lot of people?
Me: (God he's getting on my nerves) I got my own studio to struggle for.
Mr.F: Where are you from? (time to get a little personal ;) )
Me: Bombay
Mr.F: But your name says mehrotra?
Me: ??(Alright alright you nosey sonofa!@#$) I am from North india.(lets see where he goes with this)
Mr.F: which part of north India?
Me: Lucknow
Mr.F: Do you live alone in Bombay? (Potential shikaar)
Me: No, with my husband (haha googly)
Mr.F: Oh, that's good. (wtf)Me: (oh really, is it?) i know
Mr.F: Anyways, I'll email you. If you have that 5% instinct and dream in you of becoming a star give me a call. (still trying hard)Me: Sure

Phone disconnected......
Me: Asshole.....
Mr.F : !@#$%^!@#$^&
What.................? did I miss out on a prospective chance of becoming a star?........... u bet.


  1. hahaha interesting conversation!!! ppl try to lure you in many ways giving false hopes!!! the point is how you tackle it....

  2. yup.... the most interesting part was that there are many more out there who actually aspire to become a star.... but he was somehow hellbent on me becoming one....must be short on clients ;)

  3. guess what?? he cald up the next day as well.... there was scope for a sequel but the conversation turned a lil ugly...;P

  4. hahaha k... mind posting up dat 2??? make it a sequel

  5. Haha! I landed here - courtesy: Tanvi's blog. And this piece of conversation was a delight to read. Haha! I can't stop laughing as I write this. All of it was so typical of those buggers!

    Haha! I will not be surprised if you tell me you were striking a boxing bag as you spewed your venom on the phone!:)

  6. is the sequel out?



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