Saturday 6 February 2010

Just something I scribbled once

Don't wake me up, let it be a dream;
don't wake me up to reality,
let me live in my lovely dream.

Don't block my thoughts,
get out of my way;
let me live my life,
it's each lovely n bright day.

Don't try n show me things,
i have eyes to see;
what comes to you as ugly,
might be beautiful to me.

Stop telling me what i am not,
try n find out what I've got.

Let me scream let me shout,
let the me within me come out.


  1. Excellent poem.

    A great reflection of how we desire to shape ourselves, rather than let others mould us!!

  2. how well u described one's true innerself.this is everyone's poem and I mean EVERYONE.



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