Saturday 13 February 2010

Don't 'buy' love this V Day

So, its that time of the year when everything from flowers to food (even the air) suddenly turns pink. People in love, running around to find gifts for their partners. People out of love or never been in love, envying people in love. And not to forget, people not able to find love all their lives, thrashing people in love (by now we are so used to it that we don't give a damn).
In the midst of all this there is one more kind of people.... people selling love. Sounds odd?..... no its not. They are all around us, luring us with all kinds of V day special sales, Valentine special strawberry cake for your lover, diamond jewellery for that special someone..... You know, those 'Do you love him/her, tell him/her in style' types. All these marketing gimmicks makes us ask ourselves 'do we love them enough if we don't buy them these expensive gifts'? Come on.... since when love started coming with a price tag. We don't need that expensive platinum ring or lavish dinner in 5 Star to know that we are loved, at the same time they (men) don't need that Tommy Hilfiger wallet or a useless diamond cuff ling to know that they are important to us.
Love is too big a flash in itself to need all this flashy stuff to prove itself. All it needs is a quiet walk, nice talk, a red rose and a pani puri treat. Or if you wanna spend more then maybe a McDonald's burger or a pizza (totally depending on her waistline though).
Well, don't take me wrong. I am not one of those anti V Day ones'. I am pretty romantic myself. It's the whole commercializing thing that agitates me. The time we spend looking out for the gifts, why can't we spend that time with them?

Have a happy, marketing free Valentine's Day....


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  2. Well written... V-day becomes more a drama day for lovers to have fights on trivial matters than expressing love...coz they (guy or the gal) dont "show love" the way they are supposed to...What i dont understand is...who decides???

    I had myself written a v-day post last year surrounding the same topic......u might wanna check it out.. :P

  3. thnx n very true......the whole marketing thing pisses me off...

    will chk out ur post. :)

  4. hey gr8 post!!! I hav a gift 2 but its free of cost!!! chk my blog 2.... :)



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