Thursday 1 September 2011

10 day YOU challenge | 9 Loves

Today is the day for 9 loves. This was pretty easy cos I can definitely count more than nine. Here they are:
  1. Family: I know it sounds cliche but my family is my first love. My husband, parents and sisters...I just can't survive without them. My friends also come in this category cos whoever is close to me is as good as my family.
  2. Books: I don't just love them...I obsess after them. They are an essential part of my existence.
  3. Writing/Blogging: I blog for the love of writing and write to earn. I guess that explains my love. :)
  4. Food/cooking: I am a foodie....I like experimenting with new cuisines and the love for food translates in my cooking too. I think its a big stress buster.
  5. Theatre: This is something I've grown up on. Watching my dad acting/directing plays and acting in a few myself as a kid. Even today I love an occasional visit to Prithvi Theatre.
  6. Music: There's no greater love than the love for music...that goes without saying and that's my love too. And if it's Kishore Da or Jazz I love it even more.
  7. Traveling: If you haven't traveled you haven't lived...that's what I believe.
  8. Independence: I am quiet an independent person and protect my independence quiet fiercely.
  9. Ocean: I am more of a sea person than mountain. It's depth calms me down.
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  1. Nice work.. interesting way to put thoughts across. I like :)



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