Tuesday 6 September 2011

10 day YOU challenge | 4 Books

1. Midnight's Children
I was an avid reader as a kid but the habit took a backseat as I grew up. It came back to life once I read Midnight's Children. I love Rushdie's style of writing and his imagination.

2. The Fountainhead
For the philosophy it delves into. I usually take time to finish a book but this one I finished within a week.

3. The Godfather
 Godfather is a masterpiece. I had already seen the movie when i read the book still it was equally gripping. 

4. Harry Potter Series
Yes, I am an adult and in love with HP series. I like the wild imagination and the whole magic thing. Feel like a kid again.

10 day YOU challenge | 5 Foods

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    1. Except the first one, I've read the rest. I liked Fountain Head but HP and Godfather are my favourites!



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