Monday 5 September 2011

10 day YOU challenge | 5 Foods

1. Rajma-chawal 
This is something i totally lurrrrve from my mom's kitchen. Will give up anything to eat some steamy rice with soupy rajma, bhindi and cucumber ka raita. Slurrp!

2. Shami kebabs
Nobody cooks it better than my dad, not even the much hyped Tunda in Lucknow. They taste splendid with green chutney and onions.

3. Pasta
This is something I love from my own kitchen :D. I love making pasta and eating it too.

4. Salads
Give me any kind of salad with any dressing and I'll eat it. Just throw in some boiled or grilled chicken.

5. Jalebi
I am not an early riser but for some fresh, hot and crispy jalebis i can wake up even at dawn.

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