Sunday 10 July 2011

My 5 dos on a rainy day

People who know me well, know this small detail about me that I don't like getting drenched in rain (o yeah, I am used to that raised eyebrow expression by now). So, while most of you like getting soaked under those showers I prefer staying indoors or under umbrella. But that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the weather, it still is my favorite. So here I share my 5 dos on a rainy day:

Read a book: Being the bookworm that I am, picking up a good book is the natural choice. Nothing feels better than the sound of raindrops falling on the window while I try to engross myself in the book. It doesn't matter whether it is a romantic novel or a fantasy as long as I enjoy it.

What am I reading right now? Its 'Sea of Poppies' by Amitav Ghosh.

Grab a DVD: Its fun to stack up DVDs of some Hollywood classics and romcoms for the rainy day. Nothing can beat lying sprawled on the bed, watching movies and snacking on hot kebabs. Some Old Monk for company works wonders.

Head to a coffee shop: My new found love for cappuccino does take me to the coffee shop quiet often and if its raining outside, even better. My current favorite cafe is Gloria Jeans in Oberoi mall. Although they have hiked the prices a bit and the quality is going down, I still like the place for its perfect location.

A drive on the sea-link:
Since its inauguration the Bandra-Worli Sea link has become the hot spot for those who love long drives. So, when its not raining heavily, I too, fancy a drive with my husband. A walk on the Worli seaface afterwards just adds up to the experience.

I believe that there is a certain connection between the rains and my brain (o, it rhymes..:)...). Ideas flow and i am tempted to pen them or in this case blog them down. All I need is a hot cup of tea and a bowl of soupy maggi by my side....slurrppp....


  1. of-course....thts a part of life and is pretty much mixed with all the 5 tasks...but it'll require a separate post altogether..:)

  2. Totally agree with the Old Monk and Kebabs though ;-)

  3. I agree with you. Even I love the rain, but not getting drenched in it. I can sit and watch the rain for hours and hours. That's my favourite pastime- sit outside my door on the steps with a cup of chai or coffee and look at the rain.
    ANother fav pastime when it rains is sleeping. :) What joy.

  4. @ Spaceman speak of sleeping...:D actually i was a little embarassed to put it down in the frends and family would've pulled my leg for tht :P...otherwise nothing like sleeping till late when it rains in the morning.

  5. What embarrassment? This is your space, lady. :) Let it out..

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