Saturday 9 July 2011

Mumbai Diaries - Part II (Of rains and blocked drains)

It's raining in Mumbai....and being an active blogger I can't resist posting something about this favorite weather of the city. Undoubtedly almost all the mumbaikars hate this weather as much as they love it. I too have witnessed the best and worst of rains here in the past six and a half years.

Monsoons were almost over when I first arrived in Mumbai so it took me a whole journey around the sun to experience it first hand. The first few showers after the scorching heat felt like heaven. We planned trips to Juhu Beach, took a walk at Worli seaface. But there was more to it than just greenery and clouds. There were potholes, traffic and sick rotting garbage on streets. Reaching my office in Lower Parel became a task worthy of a bravery award. The city was chaotic and I was baffled. And then suddenly as if the leakage in the clouds got bigger, it poured and poured till the roads were submerged under water. We had 26/7/2005. The city stopped and the only thing that was moving was water, that too vertically not horizontally.

After few unsuccessful attempts of reaching home me and my few colleagues planned to spend the night in the office. A treat of pizza and coke cheered us up a little. The next day we walked from Lower Parel till Khar. The memories of walking in the green, slimy water still creeps me out.

However, I do have some pleasant memories too like walking on the Marine Drive while munching on a hot corn or bunking office.

Mumbai monsoons, with all its pros and cons are special to each and everyone of us. And how much ever we hate them we still wait for them every year cos thats the time of love and romance; hope and happiness; dahi handi and Ganesh Chaturthi.

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