Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bloggers calling Bloggers

Almost two years back, after an amazing trip to Kerela the writer in me came out and this blog was born. Few months back when I joined IndiBloggers I thought that it'll be a good platform to connect with the fellow bloggers. But I never knew that I'll ever meet them personally. So two weeks back when I saw an invitation for an all Women Bloggers Meet in my inbox (a free hair spa and foot massage by Dove followed by lunch at Four Seasons in Worli), I instantly hit the register tab. What more can a woman ask for on a Sunday. I also asked my sister who recently started blogging, to sign up on IndiBlogger and register for the meet.

On the day of the meet we arrived a bit late and missed the introduction session. But the ladies were friendly enough to come and introduce themselves. I met some really wonderful women/bloggers there.

Some of them are listed here:

Nisha: The lonely backpaker who roams around the world and shares her experiences on her blog.
Poornima: The gamer/game developer.
Somya: who like me chopped her hair to look younger. :)
Laxmi, Vasudha and her lovely daughter Harini, Julie, Priyanka and many more.

After a lovely lunch we proceeded for a discussion round. Ideas were exchanged on how to make our blogs more visible and SEO friendly. After that we were given a blank paper to hang on our backs and get it autographed by the other bloggers. It was fun. After a tiring round of games we were given a relaxing 10 mins foot massage which was totally awesome. It was a Sunday well spent.

Thanks to Dove and IndiBlogger for an amazing day and such lovely gift hampers (psst...I got one delivered at home too).



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