Sunday 12 April 2015

Movie Review: Hunterrr

This post comes a little late but I finely found time to share my two bits on the most talked about Hindi film of 2015 so far.

Hunterrr is a slice of life film, a slice from a sex addict’s life. Mandar Ponkshe is your average middle class boy who grows up from a curious teenager to a horny ladies killer. Sex is a physical need, he says out loud going as far as comparing it to...well, taking a crap. He has little to do with the emotional side of the relationship. The men who were boys in the 90s will find a bit of themselves in Mandar. He charms girls his own age and seduces house wives. The trick up his sleave is knowing the needs of a woman or as he puts it "vaas lene ka". He plays romantic games with college girl Parul (shy and awkward Saxena) but goes straight for the kill when he meets housewife Jyotsna, played by a fiesty Sai Tamhankar who knows what she wants. And, when he wants to settle he falls for the independent Trupti (played brilliantly by Radhika Apte) who’s open about her relationships, even physical ones.

Gulshan Devaiyah’s Ponkshe is a regular guy but with hidden passions. You might see him in local trains or even in your office but you might never find out about his nocturnal adventures. His relationship with Trupti is the most interesting part of the film. He never tries to play the hunting game with her, builds a bond and eventually falls in love. Radhika Apte lets her eyes do most of the acting, charming the audience with every scene.

Hunterrr is funny, touching at times and nostalgic but in no way demeaning to women. The women that Ponkshe supposedly "preys" on know what they want especially Jyotsna who makes the first move. The songs will touch a chord with all 80s and 90s kids who’ve grown up listening to disco king Bappi Lahiri and the qawwali rage Altaf Raja. Harshavardhan Kulkarni’s Hunterrr is fresh, light and a must watch.

P.S. - Please don't watch it with your parents.

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