Friday 24 May 2013

Kishore for soul

World is not a very happy place to live in. Something or the other or someone or the other is always ready to make it worse for you. Probably the creator knew this and that's the reason he/she created Certain things that work like a balm for the aching heart; a warm hug, Mom's food, a cup of hot tea or a book. And then once in a while he/she creates something that's a combination of all these things, a voice whose name is Kishore Kumar. I am not sure many artists or singers can have that effect on you.

For me His songs are like an arm around my shoulders when I feel low, a warm hug when I feel lonely, comforting when things around me start agitating me. He calms my nerves down instantly.

His sad songs are deep as an ocean. very sad but still a hope lurking in the corner, reassuring that there's a bright sunrise at the end of the darkness. The happy, peppy songs are bubbling with life but at a distance you can feel some pain...pain buried deep inside but doesn't want to come out; a well guarded wound.

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